Repairs for businesses in record time

We are experts in cell phone repair and we want to be your company's technical service. Choose us to repair your company's cell phones and enjoy an unbeatable service and special prices for your company.


Save costs

Repairing mobiles and tablets is cheaper than replacing them. And the environment will thank you too.


Maximum comfort

If you cannot bring the device to our stores, we will send a courier to your company to pick it up.


Replacement phone

If, due to the nature of the breakdown, you will be without a phone for more than 4 hours, we will provide you with a replacement device.

Why should you count on us?


Main brands

We are accredited to repair devices of all major brands. We always use new and original parts or approved by the manufacturer.


Same day repair

Because we know that work never stops, we repair your devices on the same day so your productivity doesn't suffer.


1 year warranty

We are so sure that we do our repairs well, that we give a 12 months warranty on the service provided.


Maximum security

With us, the personal and/or sensitive data on your employees' devices is safe.


Easy payment

It doesn't matter if your company issues 15 or 30 day invoices: at SpazioPhone we adapt to your needs.


Advantages for your employees

All your staff will be able to benefit from company discounts on their personal devices with no additional cost.

Do you have any doubts?

Contact us and we will tell you how we can work with your company.

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