Made for iPhone

This certification ensures that a product meets Apple's performance standards.

To ensure the best possible experience, Apple has established special compatibility requirements for accessory manufacturers. Products manufactured and certified as compatible will be labeled "Made for" on their packaging.

MFi: Made For iPhone / iPad / iPod (hecho para iPhone / iPad / iPod).

For a product to be MFi listed means that it has successfully passed numerous Apple tests. Only 2% of suppliers are MFi certified, and we are one of them.

What does MFi ensure on Apple devices?

MFi ensures performance and security to prevent problems and failures that may occur during device use. MFi eliminates problems during data transfer, slow charging, speed, cable malfunction after an iOS update, low durability, communication interference, swollen battery or in the worst of chaos, battery explosion. That is why the price of Made For iPhone products are higher than other brands, as they include this special license.

The chips and the maintenance of quality in the production of these products are the factors that make our products better and more reliable than those without such certification. In addition, Apple routinely audits our manufacturing facilities to maintain the quality of its MFi products.

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